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The Women

These are just some of the women who have participated in this project. We celebrate their courage, strength, and energy.

Seeds of Hope

Diagnosed at 47, February 2002

This project celebrates life, as well as the visual results and reality of survival. Three years after being told she had three months to live, Audrey wanted to share her celebration.

The Art of Awareness

Diagnosed at 39, November 2002

I've loved art since I was little -- it seemed natural for me to take part in this project. I believe that helping raise funds and awareness for breast cancer is a great cause.  Lisa works with breast cancer survivors.

My Focus on Living

Diagnosed at 33, March 2003

I was told that chemo would prevent me from having a baby (she was three months pregnant when painted). I love how this project's focus is on living and destigmatizing women's breasts.

Breaking Barriers

Diagnosed at 29, March 2005

Breast cancer has taught me about taboos that need to be broken down. Living Breast helps redefine "socially acceptable" conversation and reminds us that being positive adds years to our lives.

Supporting the Cause

What an interesting way to contribute and celebrate what we have. I dedicate my image to my father's mother, Edith, who died of breast cancer when she was my age now.

Sharing Energy and Love

Together, we can celebrate the body, as well as the strength of women touched by breast cancer, in a far greater way than we can as individuals.

Nurturing Women

Yes, women's breasts have been attacked by this disease, but look how beautiful they still are. I dedicate my image to my mother, Karen Ann Stancik.

A Wake-up Call

Diagnosed at 36, April 1997

Fifteen years ago, I lost my sister to breast cancer.  Seven years ago, I was diagnosed.  I feel God saved me to tell people it's not a death sentence.

We're Never Too Young

We think we're too young to know people with breast cancer, but we're not.  I've had two friends diagnosed. Both lived.  One lost a breast, and she's beautiful.

Celebrate Life and Health

I was there the moment the Living Breast idea took root -- what an incredible achievement! I dedicate my image to my friend Patti Colandrea, and everyone affected by cancer.

A Family Connection

Two of my mother's sisters and my cousin have all had breast cancer, and I'm at risk.  I'll do anything I can to help find a cure.

Whole Again

Diagnosed at 42, March 1999

I've made it to the other side of a life-changing cancer diagnosis.  After a very long time, I feel whole again.  I want to celebrate feeling whole.  Carrie is a message therapist for breast cancer survivors.

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