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The Project

The Living Breast Artist Series examines how breast cancer affects our bodies and our lives. During the project, women directly affected by breast cancer were body painted and photographed. The goal is to show that breasts are beautiful and life-giving, yet not what defines a woman. The life and energy of every woman comes from within and cannot be taken away by breast cancer. The paintings, like the women who bear them, are unique and full of energy.

The Women

This project would be nowhere without the courage and faith of the women who participated in the paintings. Read more about the women of The Living Breast Artist Series.

The Artists

Denise Milito, Painter. In creating The Living Breast Artist Series, my goal was to draw upon my passion for art, my advocacy for healthy living and my desire to support breast cancer awareness. In the end, breast cancer affects all of us. It takes away so many great women, the great loves in our lives.

I began thinking about how magnificent the breast is and wanted to celebrate that beauty. I decided to adorn the female body through my painting and transform it into living art. Although I work in many mediums, I find body painting especially exciting due to the body's contours and each individual's spirit. It's intriguing because I work so closely with my live canvas, and the energy exchange produces art at the highest level of collaboration.

I am grateful to be able to use my talents to help people. I consider myself a vehicle of expression for the ideas that come to me. My artistic ability is my greatest gift and I am thankful to give it back to the world in The Living Breast Artist Series to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer while lending hope and inspiration to all individuals fighting breast cancer.

Josh Gormley, Photographer. Having seen the affects of breast cancer on both family and friends, I wanted to be a part of the healing process for those affected by this disease. As devastating as breast cancer is, the human spirit is stronger -- and it shows in these women. When Denise asked if I would be a part this project, I was honored and nervous all at the same time. My biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able to connect with the women and create images that fully capture the energy and life of both the woman and the painting. It still amazes me how open and receptive and beautiful the women who participated in this project were. I am blessed to have been a part of this project.